Please follow steps described below in order to receive:

  • Points Reduction From Your DMV Driving Record
  • Car Insurance Discount for 3 Years

3 Simple Steps:

1. Check If You Qualify

For Insurance Reduction benefit, call your car insurance provider and verify with an agent that you will receive an insurance reduction after completion of Defensive Driving Course. For DMV points reduction, contact local DMV to verify how many points will be removed from your driving record after course completion.

2. Complete Defensive Driving Course

Read or Listen to a simple comedy Safety Driving Course on mobile phone or desktop and answer easy quiz questions. Upon course completion, you will receive a Defensive Driver Certificate.

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3. Activate Benefits

Send your Defensive Driver Certificate to your car insurance provider to activate insurance reduction discount. Please, contact your car insurance for details on where to send the certificate. No need to send anything to local DMV because we automatically report your course completion results to your DMV and also send you your certificate via mail.

Why are these benefits possible?

Over 5,800,000 traffic crashes happen every year, and over 37,000 people die in those crashes. In addition to the cost in human lives, the economic cost exceeds $230 billion annually! Defensive Driver Education has proven to reduce number of car accidents. That is why US DMV and many car insurance companies award different benefits to drivers who complete defensive driving course.


crashes every year

$230 billion

economic cost