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Auto Insurance Discount

Do you want to lower your car insurance? You came to the right place! We've been working with Auto Insurances nationwide to provide our customers with 10% discount. You can take our courses from your mobile phone or desktop whenever you have time. You have 30 days to complete it. Study as much as you want or as little as you want. Your progress is automatically saved. When you register, select your state and reason for taking the course, and we will direct you to the right course. Just make sure to send a copy of your course completion certificate to your car insurance provider when you are done and your discount will be activated.

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DMV Points Reduction

Did you get a traffic ticket? No problem. We are DMV approved in all US States. You can fulfill a court order, reduce points from your DMV driving record, and lower your car insurance by 10% by taking our course. We electronically report course completion results to your local DMV when you are done. To activate Insurance Discount you need to send a copy of your certificate of completion to your car insurance provider.

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Simple, Fast, Convenient

Why People Like Our Course

What is simplest, fastest and the most entertaining way possible to complete Defensive Driving Course?

We think that your mobile phone is the best way to do it. You can take our course anytime and anywhere! But you can take do it on your desktop as well if you wish.

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